Orange studio is an independent creative agency which defines itself as home of the brave and land of the free.
Orange studio represents creative synergy of three playgrounds in which it explores, and is being inspired by creativity.

Creative agency

Purpose, values & principles

Our philosophy is to always be FREE to propose to you the solution you least expect and COURAGE is what motivates us in our business approach. Our task is to evoke the emotions.
We defy definition. We do not use any beaten path, we always choose our own way.
We believe that creativity bends the rules and changes the patterns. That way we create and shape everyday reality.

Our strategy

We don’t accept ordinary. In advertising, as in war, the best strategy is to be unpredictable. We constantly learn, evolve and search for the best practical solution. Again and again we find different tactical approach for the creative process and work. Our progress makes every campaign unique.
Our work progress considers progress of our clients, progress of their brands and above all progress of our team.
We don’t work for our clients, we work with them.
We believe that’s the only way to make our common goals happen.

Our story

Our achievement is that a sticker became successful as a TVC. We managed to send a message and to incorporate it into a pop culture. We changed the way of looking at a brand, successfully making it become a life inspiration. All that because we know how brave ideas defy and change everyday habits.

Photo/Video production

Orange studio offers you its professional photography services in a fantastic and entertaining space in Belgrade.

Services of a professional photographer in our study are related to fashion photography, making the book’s product or painting your company for the production of advertising materials, campaigns for companies, recording short video camera middle formats, and post-production

Tim longtime professionals and enthusiasts, with their creativity and presentation skills will make you a new way to experience the concept of studio photography.

We have years of experience in all types of photography such as Advertising, Fashion and beauty, catalogs and magazine covers, editorials and headshots, promo materials, your big moments in life… just name it.

You can rent our studio including Lighting & Grip Equipment, wireless sync system and a lot more, we can provide you any kind of professional organizations and production for any purpose.

Orange photo Studio offers high end photo retouching services to those who understand the value of high quality pictures. We produce Top Quality Images at Affordable Rates using latest and top of the line retouching techniques.

Digital department

We are data-driven part of the studio combining technology with creativity in order to help forward thinking people and companies achieve more in a globally connected world.

We provide the technical resources and expertise that your company or agency needs to turn your digital marketing ideas into reality.

What we do:
Creating and implementation of digital strategy
Community management
Content creating
Social networks ads
Google Display ads
Google Search advertising
Content marketing
Media planning

And more…
Web Design
Web development and programing
Organic SEO
Newsletter design and programming

O3ONE Art Space


First important thing when we talk about art project O3one is that its name is symbiosis of Serbian Cyrillic, Latin and number, and as such it presents the molecular formula for ozone. (O3)

In nature ozone represent another form of appearance of oxygen. Its basic characteristic are that its known as a non-toxic gas, but as a gas that protects life on Earth from cosmic radiation which is harmful on cellular level, and as such makes it a unique layer that envelops the planet.

Our parallel with the planet is culture. That thin sheet full of holes which is necessary to be protected. Often it can be poisonous, therefore counterproductive, although the culture itself is the thing that needs to protect what is most beautiful in folklore of one nation and its heritage.

O3one is the air necessary for art to breathe.

It was founded in times when it was most needed. When there weren’t enough spaces ready to keep the pace with time, and not so ready and able to present the new scene that was developing. National galleries and art spaces were not sufficiently well equipped and they couldn’t support or follow the story that began to be unfolded, until the O3one appeared with its technical equipment and its attractive location, and started to occupy the position of a growing culture center for that time, and a creative playground for the artist as well as the audience.

The most interesting thing about O3one – which makes it stand out as a special art space, creative playground, as well a leading place for new media art – is, relatively speaking, the art of new technologies which O3one used in smartest way, as a bait for the audience that has never been in gallery or any other art space.
That way O3one wanted to convey the following message – that the importance of who we are and where we come from is not relevant, because we all use the same computer, same internet, in Serbia, France or England…so we all have equal opportunity and possibility to get the information. But what atually is important is what we do with that information next. The most valuable thing is creativity inside you, and our idea was easy: To support anyone’s creativity, using new tools and new technologies.
Our philosophy is to always be proactive, and always move forward. Do not forget about the past, on the contrary, you must respect your history and keep your folklore and cultural heritage alive. But also it’s your obligation to act in present, and to strive towards future.

Out of this philosophy we created B-link festival.
B- link (Belgrade Festival of New Communications) is a unique cultural event within the O3one project that illuminates modern phenomena of web environments. Renowned forms of artistic expression, design and web business are displayed here in new and advanced configurations.

Because of this type of event, Belgrade audience was presented with the most significant aspects of the web, latest technologies applicable in all its forms, and diversity in the world of advertising and commerce in general. For eight years, the B-Link has strengthened its place among the city’s annual events and became able to bind itself to the audience opened to innovation, experimentation in art and communication in general.

An increasing number of visitors, and constant presence of all major media over the years, proves that this, straightforward but fun approach to education on new communications, awakes great interest in people surrounding us.

Also important thing to know is that O3one art space was created as a joint project, where everyone contributed the funds which were available to them in that moment – money, work or gallery materials… The original space later moved onto another location, and after some time moved again. Changing locations proved that the audience does not bind for the place itself, but it comes to play where the playground is. Changing art space and location of O3one showed its ability to pace with time, and thus confirmed Darwin’s theory, one that says:

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.


O3one is an artistic playground where mistakes are allowed, and where it does not matter if you fall down. What matters is a creative solution to get up again. Our mistakes are our inspiration.

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