When we were given the task to create a campaign by Alma Quattro to celebrate 25 years of work, we knew that we must again apply the recognizable style of Orange study, which rests on freedom and courage in creative communication.

We wanted to create something that everyone will notice, but also something that Almu Quattro will best present. As a company that is accessible, innovative, kind, with empathy, entrepreneurial spirit, a reliable partner that nurtures and recognizes the right values, we have decided to create a campaign for non-existent products that all have positive feelings, smiles and memories of good times.

We designed the solutions so that:

  • By using # vidimoseizicoska, we point out that behind each corner is another Alme Quattro medium (citylight, billboard, scroll or bigboard).
  • The invented products are funny, interesting, unusual, unexpected and some beautiful and optimistic memories are in us. The idea came from the fact that Alma Quattro has been here with us for 25 years, and that through her formats, they represent different products and ultimate consumers. Conceptually, 25 products for 25 years.
  • As a key message in communication we defined: “We are seeing every day for 25 years. Alma Quattro. “

The whole year will be in the spirit of positive thoughts and optimism, which are needed today to society.