Bambi Well Be

The whole idea about Well Be project was born in spring 2014. Idea was to offer our fans new packaging and to expand the existing portfolio with new products in chocolate segment – 2 assortments but 1 brand.

Initial challenge was to create product, design its packaging and develop creative strategy and communication platform.

Solution was to build a whole new brand with the perfect name that conveys strong message to our fans with direct meaning – BETTER FOR ME.

Our communication goal was first to build strong position of the brand, create need and desire for the product and generate word of mouth widely in public. Our challenge was – How?

So, we got an idea to play on people curiosity card, and build the whole concept around our art direction and new visual identity.

We went public with – Mystery box. During the night of October 16th 2014, in Belgrade, huge mystery box appeared in front of shopping mol TC Ušće. It was big black box with golden ribbon and WELL BE sign on it. It stood there for five days simple creating a buzz. Nobody really knew a story behind it.

After few days the box was opened!

Lots of branded balloons sprouted from the box with name of our new chocolate brand, and charming young men all suited up in black promoted our brand all over the city, speeding the word about something completely new on the market.

Trough simple question messages: How was your day? Need more concentration? What do you do to relax… they’ve created a buzz trying to found out– are you ready for something even better? For those who were closest to the correct answer which suited to our brand philosophy, promoters gave invitation to Well Be party – launch event.

We communicated using Illuminated City lights, interactive CL, Totem Sign, animated LED billboards. Also we were present and you could find out about newborn star – WELL BE, on social networks and printed media, radio and TV.

Trough innovative offer of chocolate with special functional benefits (minerals and vitamins) we have manage to expand demand for dark chocolate for extra 16,4% of market share comparing to same period in the previous year.

We learned that there are no obstacles for those who know where they are going. We’ve breached the barrier:
– New name and whole new portfolio
– Keeping loyal consumers of Bambi chocolates
– Winning over new fans and consumers

So we created for Bambi and you something really better.