Delicious and practical for consumption, Helt mixes nuts and dried fruits are an ideal substitute for high-calorie snacks. Balanced mixture of almonds, pistachios, cashews and other nuts comes in combination with a variety of super fruit.

We are so proud for opportunity to build it from its beginning and to deliver complete creative strategy, packaging and whole communication and digital campaign which will emphasize the quality for a very important brand, such as Helt.

So, we got an idea to play on people curiosity card, and build the whole concept around our art direction and new visual identity.

We went public with – teaser question campaign. During the first phase in Belgrade, all over Belgrade OOH print appeared with question – WHAT IS IT…? It was simple riddle with Helt sign on it. It stood there for two weeks simple creating a buzz. Nobody really knew a story behind it. After few days the answer was here!

Our brand was all over the city, spreading the word about something completely new on the market.

In order to promote our lovely Helt brand, we communicated using all disposable channels of communication such as ATL (TVC, radio, print, OOH), BTL (POSM, trade event), DIGITAL (Facebook, Instagram & web banners). Our story is ongoing on social networks and printed media, and draws attention in most intrigue way.