Guarana is an energy drink brand, created by an entrepreneurial spirit of Knjaz Miloš company management, far before a real need for this kind of product existed on the market. It was a very brave move, without an idea in which direction story about this product should develop. Product had a name, but not the precise strategy. With time, brand didn’t achieve expected results and it was on the brink of being cancelled.

Develop awareness of the brand, make an emotional connection and represent it’s functional benefits with targeted group – urban, curious, adventurous 15 – 25 year olds. Generate significant and sustainable trial to ensure growth in market penetration. Create strategy and creative communication platform which will support story of the brand and accommodate all of this.

Ambitious goals that we have set to ourselves, were achievable only by creating sustainable concept and setting up creative platform, which would give the brand it’s meaning and tell a story that is going to explain its existence and purpose, and at the same time be relevant and attractive a long with the brand.

We’ve started our research from the fact that Guarana is a plant which grows in deep parts of Brazilian Amazon. Tribe that discovered it believed in its magical properties, to awake and inflame the spirit and to give strength to those who consume it. Soon we realized that this wasn’t the only thing that should define it, because physical strength is nothing without mental strength, desire and willpower. That inspired us to define its essence as “mind trigger”. The whole philosophy around specific mindset infused with willpower and no giving up attitude, came under simple and powerful slogan which to this day represents communication platform – NO SLEEP.
Logical visual personification is, now famous, OWL.
This launched the brand sky high, so much that it became, and is to this day dominant, market leader in a very tough competition – Red Bull, two Coca Cola brands (Burn and Ultra), Monster and many smaller domestic brands.


With this kind of strategy development and smart and creative communication with target group, since its launch market share initially reached 73%.
Brand became a mark of pop culture of whole generations.
Brand image parameters reached unexpected heights and Guarana became and stayed the first association for energy drinks (top of mind).

Guarana is still a leader, trend setter and exceptionally dynamic brand, involved on the market with strong position in urban, street culture. Portfolio was expanded with Guarana Mojito (energy with fresh flavor), Guarana Black (strong energy), Guarana Kick (smallest but strongest Guarana), as with larger format of classical Guarana. It took different shapes and sizes trough LEP edition and it set new standards with the first, completely digital loyalty platform DRINK&LINK