MOL Group is a leading integrated oil and gas company in Central and Eastern Europa, with retail operations in 10 countries in the region, and business activities across the globe, starting from Hungary, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Italy and Croatia, all the way to Russia, Yemen, Oman and Pakistan. It is known as a dynamic company, with refineries that are known as most modern and most profitable ones in Europe.

MOL Serbia gas stations can be found in all the major settlements in Serbia that lay along the most significant roads in the country, and from 2008, MOL stations have been coordinated per most modern international standards.

Their recognition on the market and from the perspective of the consumers can be found in the quality of service and the quality of fuel itself, but lack of brand awareness can be noted as well, due to inadequate differentiation compared to the aggressive competition from the same market field.

We have noticed the challenge, and we are working every day on strengthening brand awareness, in order to make MOL even more recognizable on the market and highlight it as being different compared to its competition.

Building successful partnership with MOL group (which we are extremely proud of), was based upon every day work on visual elements which are dynamic and friendly-orientated. That way we share the idea of endurance of the brand, quality, innovations, and at the same time we contribute to building brand’s image, and maintaining the leading position on the market. Design is based on green color and round shapes, especially when we speak about totems and Service Stations.

We communicate using POSM. Also we were present and you could find out about MOL products –, on social networks.

Our MOL story is ongoing, and we are hopeful of new successes which we intend to measure in numbers of our satisfied clients.