After two years of contract with Angry Birds, where the AB characters were on Kids 100% juice packaging, the brand needed a new way to approach the children and assure their loyalty to the brand.

In the other words, the brand needed to reinvent itself and offer a new identity. So we came up with a totally new group of characters for the 4 juice tastes under the brand name Nektarija. Four animals, each representing one juice taste, have their own special powers thanks to drinking different kinds of Nectar Kids 100% juice. The characters gather in a unique brand, living in a special place Nektarija, the most fun and enjoying place on earth, where everything is possible…

Other juice brands for kids also often have animal on packaging, but Nektarija is unique because the characters are there not only on juice packaging, but in TV ads, YT channels and different media where kids can relate to them and bond with them. It is a complete universe designed for kids not only to enjoy and have fun, but also to learn about the true values – friendship, sharing, helping and doing the right thing.