Rafinerija nafte a.d. Beograd – is the oldest and greatest company in Serbia related to producing lubricants. For years now, this renown local lubricant manufacturer is known as a leader in making motor and industrial oil, oil for processing metal, means for corrosion protection, refrigerants, degreasing and cleaning fluids.

Widely known for its good, old „GALAX“ brand, which reached its peak during the last decade of the previous century, it had a reputation of most reliable domestically produced oil. However, after turbulent years that followed, „GALAX“ too had very different phases.

Our goal was to reaffirm the brand, so that it could, in the manner of a phoenix, return to its glory days; Strengthen its image, and return RNB and its brands’ consumers trust and confidence.

In 2015, we got involved in new „GALAX“ story, making it finally get a new chance to modernize itself, and position itself where it belongs – among the best.

Due to the current situation in this particular field on the local markets, we thought it was an ideal momentum to implement different internal and external communication, and prepare the brand for its big comeback.

We designed a new logo, redisgned packages, and created a new visual identity accordingly, which later on we placed onto new, modernized labels as well.
Bearing in mind that „GALAX“ had both tough and shiny moments, just like its environment in general, it wasn’t a factor that stopped it. In fact, it was a factor that made it return stronger than ever.

Therefore, we positioned the brand, and made things more clear through a new slogan – „NEZAUSTAVLJIV“ („UNSTOPPABLE“).

We believe that the coming years will not stop the brand, and that „GALAX“ will always be where it belongs – among the best.