Gorki List

In the beginning there was Pelinkovac the first drink of its own kind. Alcoholic beverage recognized for a unique taste, made by secret recipe, as good as aperitif or digestive. It soon became a role model and the subject of copying by many. In such conditions, with everyday competition growth, with its generic name, the original Pelinkovac reached its maximum. It looks like there was no chance for the growth to continue.

So our task was to:
Improve identity.
Create a new communication platform.
Generate further market share growth.

As competition grew bigger, and our brand wasn’t that unique and special anymore, it caused the lack of awareness, because differentiation no longer existed, so we realized that we would not lose anything if we created a completely new brand from the start. With a new identity and concept, brand would develop its potential to position itself again as the first of its kind, triggering the growth of the entire category.

We created a brand we named – Gorki list – as a unique, natural, premium alcoholic (bitter) drink. We dedicated it for the passionate ones – real, experienced hedonists who recognize the difference and know to define a true quality. The slogan was intended to distance the brand from the bunch of other copies. Therefore we created JEDINI PRAVI (The only real one).
To achieve the effect of exclusivity and uniqueness, we created a legend about the origin of Gorki List. Its unique recipe preserved by a beautiful Mountain Fairy. Many have tried, but no one has ever been able to find it and steal the recipe. There’s only one – the only real one – Gorki List.
The art direction had the same emotional style and tone – mystical, poetic, sophisticated, visually intriguing, natural and artistic.


With developing this kind of strategy and with smart and creative communication towards target group, since its launch market share Gorki List pulled the growth of the entire category where it had a 72% of market share.
It became one of our most successful export products.

Gorki List is recognized as a leader in its category. After restrictions on alcohol advertising, Gorki List continued to build its image successfully by sponsoring art and through originally conceived and designed promotions. Both men and women drink Gorki List regardless of their age or social status. It is considered as a drink by which distinguishes experts of a very good taste, and also a very stylish gift.