It is great to work with open-minded modern management, people with accurate knowledge about time and population affinities.
The result of such cooperation is always something special that actually makes a difference.
Our challenge for Belgrade philharmonic orchestra was to change its image from totally traditional to a modern, hip way to begin a weekend night out.

In line with that, we created a campaign, totally unexpected to come from such a cultural institution, and we managed to create a unique brand with highest standards, but also a brand acquiring image of being attractive with a sense of style and communication.

There were many billboards and posters all around the city featuring a beautiful blonde lady with a plunging décolletage holding a conductor’s baton in one hand and a glass of red wine in another, inviting the public to come and see the concerts entitled: “Ecstasy”, “Lust”…
The audience was “rejuvenated”, and for the first time in history, season tickets sold out in advance!
Communication was daring and exciting, eye-catching and ambiguous.

This campaign was voted best non-profit campaign in the segment of cultural promotion.
And after this kind of results, we also have taken part in creating Zubin Mehta Foundation.