Beograd 2020

Belgrade 2020 project candidacy of Belgrade for the European Capital of Culture 2020. The project implemented by the Organizing Committee at the City Hall, which is formed by a unanimous decision on June 7, 2010.

Project Belgrade 2020, as recommended by the European Commission, integrated into the development strategy of the culture of the city for a period of ten years and is expected to provide a strong contribution to the development of Belgrade and Serbia in the cultural, social and economic outcomes.

Our task was to present this project in the best possible manner, so our challenge was to create visual identity and apply it to numerous innovative merchandise materials.

Visual identity presents a generic image, and it allows recognition of an individual amongst competition. The strength of visual identity is to be mirrored in an instant message delivered to others, and being easily recognizable.

It’s our duty to succeed and create strong first impression, and we believe that we have presented this project in the best possible way.