O3ONE project is a non profit association existing for the past 12 years. It’s goal is to create and maintain sinergy of art, science and technology. In it’s essence it represents moving force of culture in modern world. O3ONE is an artistic playground where errors are allowed.

O3ONE insists on the fact that artists aren’t excluded from society, nor are they in any way passive citizens with undefined social role and status. Therfore understanding that space doesn’t have to be constant. Because change and movement from one space to another carries with it a freedom of experience , it leads to excange of new energies, new chalenges. Every new enviroment inspires new and different result.

Project O3ONE develops it’s program trough dynamic of different relations and in one hand has a goal to promote creativity by keeping significant elements of cultural heritige. On the other hand it’s purpose is to chalenge artists to trough their work change riggid and spent cultural patterns, to reshape them and to allign them with demands of the time in which they are living.

Artistic projects supported by O3ONE, are a manifestation of active stance of their authors in relation to culture in which they act, and responsibilities they have to that same culture. O3ONE is always open to selforganized and personal initiatives of artists, and all those who act in the field of art. In that way authors are always invited to actively contribute to the culture in context of local, regional and European environment.

Project O3ONE advocates recognition of students as developing component and moving force of society, affirmation of the idea of student organization and show of potential, also creatin efficient, efective and sustainable cultural system. With this goal in mind project O3ONE started the cooperation with Faculty of Applied Arts, Faculty of Philosophy, Faculty for Media and Communications and Metropoliten University and Mathematical Grammar School.