OKK is a platform which stands with LIVE program from city studio, and at the same time presents public space and as well as numerous reporters inclusions in real-time scene.

OK channel is a channel of arts community communication which is oriented to all stakeholders
– Viewers, users, social institutions, cultural institutions, universities,
Galleries, festivals, museums…OKK is much more than usual TV channel, because it works through production of different kind of public cultural events in its space – “Center of gravity”, which is located in the core of the city’s urban pop culture district Savamala, at Koca Popovic 9.

Its purpose is to provide a creative, fun, and interesting content to all future generations, and as such it define itself as INFOTAINMENT TV – television of future.

We are proud to participate in this kind of project, and our idea is to create an opportunity for young generations, with high-quality programming content covering their interests in different fields and to be pioneers and provide space in this mode of communication.