Clinic in Tirshova Street provides highly specialized medical services in all fields of children medicine from infants to 18 year olds.

Even though the building isn’t functional and is overcrowded – it was built to accommodate around hundred patients, but it performs about 150 000 specialized examinations and 7000 surgeries, of which 200 is cardiothoracic surgery.

The building had some serious renovations in early sixties of twentieth century. Since then it has been regularly but insufficiently invested in to the clinic, but underlying problem is not solved… decided to do something and start things up!

Management of Tirsova wholeheartedly accepted offered help and cooperation for everyone’s benefit started!

  • A new site was created and implemented with an option for online scheduling appointments.
  • Internal marking done.
  • A platform started for online donations.

And after that, the time has come for development of communication strategy…
We did whole creative and communication strategy, created headline and in line with it set up whole art direction for the visual identity of campaign. We created web site, and designed key visual for both on line campaign and all promo material. We also did Facebook campaign, and managed to create a unique communication, based on humoristic, little self-ironic but very nourish and caring ton of voice, emanating highest standards but also acquiring image of professional service.
In three months of campaign, UDK Tirsova came in to the public’s eye. Goal achieved!

Serious interest in Tirsova started.

  • Increased number of visits to site tirsova.rs especially to the page on which the needs of UDK were cited.
  • Increased number of online scheduled appointments (30% of appointments were scheduled via site)
  • Increased number of donations both by individuals and by companies. In total around 20 000 EUR was raised for new machines (some in cash, some in products)

This campaign had results just as we thought it must. It was acknowledged that BETTER CONDITIONS FOR CHILDRENS CARE were needed, so thanks to this campaign and intensive raising of awareness in all available ways, Hospital in Tirsova got MRI machine and it started building additional buildings. Good job!