Primary goal of “School without violence” is creating safe and stimulating environment for learning and developing. In this program violence is defined as every form of behavior which tries to inflict pain on to others, both physical and psychological. Program is primarily intended for children, teachers and others employed in schools, but for parents and the whole community also. Program is currently being implemented in 196 schools across Serbia. It includes 135.600 students and over 12.500 adults in 64 places in Serbia.

National ambassadors with UNICEF, Aleksandar Sasa Djordjevic and Ana Ivanovic, with numerous entrepreneurs and citizens, helped with their donations for this program to be carried out successfully in schools. Our task was to inform and involve as many people as possible in such an important project so we created visual identity and complete communication strategy, execution and promotion.
We communicated using all disposable channels of communication such as ATL (TVC, print, OOH), BTL (POSM), DIGITAL (Facebook & web banners). Our story is ongoing on social networks and printed media, radio and TV.