Road to a successful advertising leads through a good preparation. Together with the clients, we follow the brand from its beginnings, we create all its features, we are taking care of it and helping it to grow. We firmly believe that the morning shows how the day will be. Whether you need a complete new marketing strategy or management of the existing activity plan, do not search any further…

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As an agency that has immense experience in creating brands and brand identities, you now that you can count on us. We love to create new products and we are doing that professionally and with competence. We are a creative agency that makes brand identities which are unique, distinct and universal. Whether it is about the brand revitalisation or completely new brand, the results of our work are always made to last for long.


We live in a visual world. Researches show that 70% of the message we receive from ads (print, OOH, digital…) is a photo. Video production is the fastest growing branch in the field of advertising. Following world trends, Orange Studio, in addition to classic video production (brand video, corporate video, social media video, video podcast, event video), has also developed a series of specialized video formats that precisely and adequately meet the specific needs of clients: success stories, corporate culture video, fireside chats, product review video, recruiting video, testimonials, original animated video, animated infographic, stop motion animation, educational video, demonstration video, expert interview video, behind the scenes… We also have experience in the production of webinars that can become your new additional source of income.

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For each campaign we shall find the right channels. Each product has its own way and we know that. In creating the advertising strategy, we take into account the product features, target group and we most efficiently find the way to a customer. Strategy, creative solutions and messages that we create will help you to achieve your goals. Whether you want to attract new customers, place more to the existing target group or to increase visibility, the real advertising campaign has no price.

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Digital advertising is something without a contemporary campaign cannot be imagined. This is why we were among the first who started to create digital campaigns for our clients. From the idea, web site creation, through the solutions adapted to the each digital communication channel. As the appetites for digital marketing are ever-increasing, Orange Studio is always one step ahead, in order to ensure the best possible strategy of digital advertising.

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Do something new and something big in the tourism business!

Create new requirements and a new distribution network for your new offering
– Reach new customers and new markets
– Provide higher income

The ultimate goal: to create new distribution channels that will
generate more revenue, with less administrative work and with a unique
and sustainable business model

Find partners who offer the same themed tours as you
– create your distribution channel and network of “affiliate” partners
– reach new markets
– create buzz around your offer

First step: defining your new offer and “buyer persona”

After that we can help you with:

– Finding keywords and requests,
– Creation of a new multilingual website with the possibility of online
reservations and an “affiliate” partner program
– Creating stories for your tours
– Creation of new, original SEO content (at least 30 pages)
– Creating a campaign for social networks
    • #-Integration of the online reservation system for tours and activities on the existing website
      • -Connecting the existing site with the reservation system for tours and activities with content corrections in relation to goals and target group; site optimization and positioning
  • #-Creation of a tourist site with the integration of the reservation system and the affiliate partner program
    • -Creation of a new, modern, multilingual website with online rez. system and the possibility of creating your affiliate partner network, with a chatbot, online payment as desired, integrated tools for collecting customer contacts, and push notifications.
    • -Design according to the client’s wishes or choose some of the ready-made existing themes.
  • # SEO and Search Engine Submissions
    • -competition research by target markets and definition of keywords,
    • -entering keywords into the existing texts on the pages (emphasizing important elements through subheadings and parts of the pages themselves),
    • -naming photos according to browser standards,
    • -adding, describing, and defining new topics for the blog section
  • # Attendance statistics
    • -implementation of the Google tag
    • -integration of the Google Analytics platform for monitoring attendance statistics and visitor navigation through the site, reporting the site to popular search engines
  • # Developing a marketing strategy
    • -defining the visual identity of the brand
    • -defining campaign goals
    • -defining buyer personas
    • -selection of communication channels
    • -defining the budget
  • # Management of social networks
    • -Engagement of social media manager, copywriter, and designer
    • -Defining and implementing campaigns for the client’s needs
    • -Page and profile moderation
    • -Communication with fans
    • -Creating announcements for selected social networks and implementing a monthly communication plan
    • -Publishing prepared posts
    • -Monthly reporting on the performance of pages and profiles (according to defined KPIs)
    • -Content advertising (includes creating and optimizing campaigns for the client’s needs, monthly promotion of posts, distribution of the advertising budget and targeting of the target group, monitoring, analysis, and optimization of ads according to campaign goals, monthly reporting on campaign performance)
    • -Implementation of the Facebook pixel
  • # Mentoring and tutoring
    • -for independent creation of posts on social networks (canva, reels, story…)
    • -creating blog posts in accordance with SEO and target audiences
    • -creating tours, defining dynamic prices, etc.

Thanks to the long-term partnerships with the institutions, hotels, hospitality establishments, galleries, cultural institutions, sport societies and other associations, we shall give our best that you are remembered as a good host. From the beginning until the end, the organisation shall be impeccable. We shall try to ensure that the communication with the audience is adequate, effective, clear and direct.

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