Aqua Gala

Due to the inadequate marketing investment and insufficient distribution, Aqua Gala as a brand was not noticed enough on the market, and it was not distinguishing itself enough in comparison to the competition.
All of this resulted in low sales margins, low market involvement, weak awareness and inssufficient differentiation in comparison to its aggressive competition… In other words, brand fell into sort of oblivion. Therefore it was necessary to revive it.

In order to revitalize the brand and put it back on its feet, it was necessary to set up the brand strategy for the next five years through new visual identity, such as: new logo design, new package design, label, as well as new communication strategy.

We saw a solution through intertwining visual identity with the location of the spring, as well as recognizing functional benefits that distinguish this water from others (USP).

Bearing in mind our target group and its requirements, and the type of product, we recognized narcissus as a creative device, and from the story about the symbolism of this flower, its origins and meaning, we created a creative concept which directly communicates with the target group and which is distancing itself from all other competitors, through package design, and other channels of communication. That way we have sent a clear message about the nature of this product, its origins and positive functions.

Position we took was „Find your way”, and through this position, we have opted to primarily communicate towards women, which are natural, strong, unique, self-confident, with inside and outside beautiful qualities expressed and exposed, just like our narcissus. Our women are open-minded towards life in the first place, and women which always find their way.

We communicated using all disposable channels of communication such as ATL (TVC, print, OOH), BTL (POSM), DIGITAL (Facebook & web banners). Our story is ongoing on social networks and printed media, radio and TV.