alpina zec

Alpina drink is a non-alcoholic refreshing sparkling beverage made of alpine plants, familiar to the older generations. The task was to create a complete campaign for this brand, not by reminiscing the good old days, but making this drink closer to the new generations. And that is how the famous blue rabbit was born, at first sight an illogical trademark of a beverage which represents the synonym of freshness. By creating the absurd Instagram videos with a rabbit wondering through the city and getting into all kind of funny situations, we have caused our social media traffic to go viral. Brand that was basically without an adequate advertising, was now getting over tens of thousands views on IG stories, and the blue rabbit dominated promotions at the swimming pools throughout Serbia and achieved its basic purpose – to draw attention. Now that we succeeded in doing so, together with our client, we are preparing new surprises. The best is yet to come!