Life in Serbia in forced isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic, as well as after confinement, can be visualized as „lights off“ and „lights on“. Now it seems as if life has resumed right where it suddenly stopped. It only looks like that, at the first glimpse. In the “lights off” period someone was scared, someone was confused, someone was slowed down, and someone was motivated and kept awake.

Many creative people wanted to be even more creative, musicians, even more, listened to, and artists even more present. The distance between people is compensated by bringing the family closer, renewal of forgotten friendships, attention, care, sharing of positive feelings with online communication. Bad things passed more easily when the light was “turned off”, but that is not the theme. The theme is working in different conditions.

A large number of companies transferred their employees to work from home in that period. Our agency easily adopted new conditions and numerous well-done projects and tasks were created during that period. Satisfied clients and creative solutions are proof that this is possible. The designers were equally imaginative, although working from home had both advantages and disadvantages. Without any speculation about the new waves of the pandemic, we are looking forward to returning to work from our offices. We believe that the exchange of energy in personal contacts has some special benefits for individuals in psychological and emotional terms.

Psychologists believe that it is very important to separate work from home in general and that the new way of doing work and meetings has led to a special disorder called “zoom fatigue”. The situation in which a large part of the world found itself was imposed and extremely stressful so that working from home was also emotionally and mentally more difficult.

The future will certainly lead to the shift of many work positions to work from home due to the economy, work style, and the very change of lifestyle.