Free & Brave

Orange Studio is an independent creative agency. Orange Studio is aFREE agency of great COURAGE That enables us to truly conduct research, to play, to embrace all the diversity and boundlessness of creative process. In that way, we achieve agility, broadness, while truly dealing with the essence, without being constrained by the forms.

    • #We know that a sticker can do as much as a TV commercial. Achieved.
    • #We know that a message can become a part of the pop culture. Achieved.
    • #We know that a brand can become a life inspiration. Achieved.
    • #We know that the brave ideas defy form and change the people’s habits. Achieved.

We swear that we shall be forever FREE to suggest what you least expect, if we realise that it would be beneficial to the brand that we are working together on.

We swear that we shall always motivate the AUDACITY in our approach, with our team, and with our clients and partners as well.