I don’t know anyone who said, “Alas, we’re going to team building for nothing, we’re not going to spend the day in the office.”

Somehow the best part of that story besides socializing is that energy and questions: “Where are we going”, “What are we going to do”, “How long are we staying”, “What is the plan”…

And why is this important?

We all know that there is no “I” in the team. This is a great theory, but in practice, the work environment is made up of individuals with different needs and unique personality types who are not always motivated to put team needs ahead of personal ones.

If we remember the famous sentence from the movie Apollo 13 “This is a small step for a man and a big…” and slightly modify it into “This is a small step for agencies and big for the people who work in it” we will understand that these joint gatherings are not just drinking good drinks, losing a working day is already an opportunity for people who work together to have the opportunity to get to know each other better, understand each other, improve communication, atmosphere, increase productivity.

After some stories about a good movie, parties, what children do, you will always return to the story of work and what could have been done differently, maybe better.

This time together is a good opportunity to hear the opinion of others about a task you are working on together, to feel how you function as a team, to learn to set team goals ahead of your personal interests.

Teamwork implies respect, enthusiasm, care for people.

A good team is like a child, if you constantly criticize it, in the end you will not achieve the desired goal. Motivation, better cooperation, understanding can contribute to the overall result of the team.

On the other hand, in this way you will show socially responsible behavior towards employees. A day that is an ideal opportunity to have fun, get to know each other better, and even if you have new members, here are the “excuses” to organize them immediately.

And yes, don’t forget the crew from The Lord of the Rings, a story about friendship and the ring that unites them in adventures (read time line deadlines).

And we are all sometimes Gollum, Frodo, Gandalf, Aruena and that is good because in the end you know that you have to work and create together if you want to reach the goal.

And to bring the story to an end, of course you can organize socializing in Hamiton, New Zealand but also in a local pub, winery, bowling alley, rafting, shooting range, paintball… after all it is not crucial where you are but with whom.

You have given your team something they will remember with a smile.

Everything else is an excuse 🙂