A team of creative and strategic brains in one place – Orange Studio. In the first place Branka Jovanović, who inspires with her energy and encourages the others to always be better, to work on themselves and to win every challenge. To be a leader in the FMCG market is easy only with Branka’s team that she carefully selects, builds and shapes for her clients and their brands.

The most valuable thing with the Orange Studio crew is that they are there for you not only when you are a leader and everything runs smoothly, but also when it is the most difficult and when you fight for every percentage of market; they come to the ring together with you, with your brand and they fight like real mates, they never betray!

Shortly and simply – just love, just free & brave.

Milena MarkovićGuarana Brand Manager

The nicest experience with Orange was working on a design of piano key gift for the piano donors, workshops with employees during creation of a new web site and a presentation and research on the topic: Marketing strategies for attracting the classical music audience. I would recommend their services because they are different, patient, opened and ready to take into account all the circumstances and to create a product which is the result of team communication. And every completed project lives, initiate new ideas, projects and provides new results.

They provide an added value, which is measured by a belief in the things they do and create.

Jasna DimitrijevićManager of Kolarac Endowment

In the last decade I had a privilege and pleasure to cooperate with Orange Studio as a professional manager or in the role of principal.

The crew gathered around Branka Jovanović as a creative leader had proven in the “start up” roles, as well as in the existing brands repositioning.

Their brains function “Out of box”, by following today’s trends in all respects, and listening to the needs of market and customers.

The Orange Studio reference in development and positioning of today’s leading regional brands in their respective categories speaks for itself and represents a recommendation to all who would like to get far with their brands.

Branislav LičinaCEO Alpina Drink

It is not easy to choose the nicest experience, because every experience during work with Orange Studio is nice and creative journey towards the final goal, which is to surprise and exalt the customers of Gorki List with every activity of ours, and to exceed their expectations. The prerequisite for that is, of course, great knowledge about the brand, market circumstances, keeping up with the innovations, creativity, openness to hear and acknowledge the clients’ desires, and a consistency in defending the professional opinion and attitude.

In cooperation with Orange Studio we created the unique events, innovative packaging solutions, renamed the product, made the appearances on international fairs…and enjoyed while working, because we became friends with the members of Orange studio, who together with us were living the life of our brand, inspiring to it the new energy and emotion through time and strengthening the relationship with our customers. I thank to that orange studio.

Snežana MišićGorki List Brand Manager

The nicest experience with Branka and Nebojša is their positive attitude that you get “infected” with regardless of burden you carry when entering their studio. So many lovely emotions they invest in everything they do, making every meeting with them a magical experience.

Warm recommendation to everyone who is ready to entrust their brand to a team of professional, creative and honorable people. It is also important what kind of people stand behind the success of your brand.

I am surprised how many ideas can be delivered by someone who remains original and fresh after so many years of work, and being able to follow at the same time, to an extent, what the market and contemporary advertising milieu demand.

Sanja PešićCEO / Alma Quattro

What was the nicest experience with us?
Shared journeys with sense and purpose, which is also the best way to learn and where the agency-client relationship is being created in a special way.

Why would you recommend our services to someone?
Because Orange works with heart, and that is very rare! Because I witnessed that Orange gave a visual mark to the brands which was so powerful that after years it remained a recognisable mark of those brands!

What surprised you the most in relation to our business?
Dedication to the smallest detail that sometimes means even more than seemingly big movements!

Jelena Petrović ZvekićLegend ex Marketing Manager

The campaign for partnership of Serbian Basketball Federation and UNICEF is our latest experience. In short time, a mutual vision and dedication to the values that these two organisations both carry were channeled into a creative solution and mobilisation of good partners.

There have been a lot of nice memories and good results in this cooperation during these last 20 years, or so.

After many years of cooperation on different projects, there is no much surprise – Orange Studio is a reliable partner.

Vesna SavićUNICEF