My dear orange friends, until the last moment I waited to formally say goodbye to everyone.

In the last two years, my life has changed significantly. I can say better honestly and without exaggeration. All of this because of you, from whom I had constant support, a lot of understanding and unreserved love. In business, I have matured and learned a lot. I embraced with art even more. As a person, I freed myself … I hope that I managed to return the trust at least a little bit. Thank you my friends for all wonderful moments.

My heart is orange !!! ?

Nikola Krivokapić

I think my favorite moments were related to “us”, not to the work, because somehow, there is work everywhere, but those “our” moments… were and remain forever unrepeatable, e.g. the moment when a baby girl was born, the moment when day became night, where Studio became disco-under-tent, that day when we celebrated life, it is something that never and nowhere happened again. I carried that one and I’m still carrying it!

Tijana Arizanović

I remember the most an informal, or should I say a cool approach to the projects and the euphoria that takes place when a new pitch arrives!

Mihaela Drakulović

I shall always remember working in Studio as a challenge in learning the new from the best in domain of photography and digital art, design and above all for good atmosphere and creative crew.

Nataša Todorović

It seems to me that not a single moment in Orange was boring, there was always some sort of dynamics, bunch of people passing through the studio during entire day, you get a chance to meet some beautiful people that you could not have imagined to meet, not to mention drinking coffee with them in a little Orange kitchen. The entire atmosphere was somehow special. There are no big and small people, nor big and small clients, everyone is equally important, which is I think the reason why Orange is so different.

One of the most beautiful experiences was working on the campaign Let’s clean Serbia, which proven that even with a small budget but with a good client-agency synergy it is possible to create a wonderful campaign!

Nataša Radičević

My favorite moment (if we exclude the moment I was accepted in Orange) was certainly during my first year with Orange Studio, that was in 2001, when one morning Babić gave me as a present the latest light meter, which was very important back then to anyone who approached seriously to photography, and it was not even my birthday, not to mention that day before while parking I crushed his turn signal on his old Opel.

Marko Todorović

I remember the best those dear, creative and benevolent people, and anyone with more than five minutes of experience in advertising knows how rare that is.

Ljubica Jerotijević

Beautiful atmosphere. Full of energy. Creative freedom. Entertaining projects. And above all some great people, then colleagues, and now friends. Almost 10 years later, I remember the days in Orange with a smile.

Nemanja Dragojlović

My favorite moment was the work of jury on the award contest that we organized for the children juices brand Nectar Kids 100%. There were so many works arrived, and very creative ones, that were examined quite seriously from each angle by the jury, who had harsh but professional discussion about the favorites and the winner. In fact, the entire project with winner’s journey to Finland remained as a nice memory and a creative project that we realised.

Borisav Lađarević

I most remember lots of laughter and so much positive energy. Domestic people and people who are passing by … An artisan creative atmosphere and brave concepts. Understanding of key words in the work: communication atmosphere and tone, art direction and main message.

With Orange people there always had been so many nice moments but my favorite were those when the children were born and when we were creatively winning bigger than us…

Radovan Subić