belgrade dance festival


At the time when Belgrade was getting one more first-class international artistic festival, it was presumed that we would like to be part of that story. Period when Orange Studio created the entire visual identity of Belgrade Dance Festival was marked with highly stylised visual solutions that suited this high-profile cultural event.



Oil Refinery Belgrade is well known for its GALAX engine oils and lubricants. This product had its ups and downs, and our task was to make sure that only ups remain. As part of the packaging redesign, we created a new visual identity for the entire product line. Our campaign also contributed to the efforts of making sure this brand achieves only successes by launching the new positioning statement– UNSTOPPABLE! After this, the brand really became unstoppable on the market.

crni i zuti sok


The unforgettable campaigns sometimes occur spontaneously! We launched Black and Yellow Juice that immediately gathered sympathies and generated a buzz throughout the city as well as on social media. The project included a bottle and label design, as well as the product naming. To confirm that the Black and Yellow was heading to the right direction, we realised digital activities that consisted of posts where many of them instantly became viral and made people laugh.



We have realised a campaign for the Nelt products consisted of different stages. Upon completing the packaging design, the market saw a teaser campaign with riddles concerning the colors (It is little and white, for soul and body? What is it?). In the reveal stage we presented the products, later being advertised in ATL, BTL and digital channels. Integrated campaign encompassed as well the action of planting trees in schools #zdravosepokreni (get moving- get healthy) that had more than 250 reactions only after two days on social media.


Epoha distillery deals with the production of high quality fruit brandies, with fruits coming from the mountain Majevica slopes, by the traditional formula that has been used for centuries, which combined with the climate and soil provides these brandies with the characteristic flavors rich in their taste. In order to make these products available to the entire world, it was necessary to create names and packaging which depict the real character of these brandies. This is how Klasika, Romantika, Impresija, Simbolika were born…



Delhaize Srbija is a member of the international trade chain Ahold Delhaize, the world’s leading retail chain with 6.500 stores throughout the world and with 370.000 associates. In Serbia, this company has been constantly working on expanding its product range, by continuously improving the quality, design and recipes. Speaking of design, Orange Studio realised the brand identity for Delhaize as well as the packaging for more than 250 products from the categories of food products, pet products, household chemical products and hygiene products.


Ilija Kolarac Endowment

We most look forward to when we can provide support to the outstanding art. Not only that we created the website for Kolarac, but we also participated in raising the funds for buying a new piano. In the period between 2014 and 2017 we organised an auction named The Concert for Piano, where we were collecting donations, organising concerts, giving the appreciation awards to donors… The result of all above-mentioned is that we can now all enjoy the play of piano virtuosos!


Orange Studio is responsible for digital activities of NIS Company. Apart from the everyday announcements on social media, digital activations and regular social media maintenance, we are particularly proud on the achievements made within the NIS MULTICULTURALISM project. The NIS Company emphasises its employees, coming from all around the world, as one of its most valuable assets, and our corporate movies that promote exactly the values of multiculturalism showed that in the best way.


One of the numerous campaigns that we realised for our client Nectar Life, was also the Occasion campaign, whereby we communicated all the occasions appropriate to drink a juice. Besides it was fun to work on a task like this and notwithstanding the creativity that our designers had to demonstrate in the process, we cannot forget to mention a reward that came eventually. Orange Studio won the bronze award of the Serbian Society for Marketing Communications (UEPS) in the OOH category.


Don Don is a domestic company involved in the production and sale of bread and flour products. Their toast is truly high-quality, and its marketing presented a great challenge to us. That is why, among all the other activities on brand launching (packaging, ATL, BTL, digital), we organized a contest named TOAST CHALLENGE, aimed at motivating the customers to actively involve in the life of our toast breads on social media and to win the valuable prizes.