LULU bakeries

LULU bakeries, with its presence at approximately 10 locations in Belgrade, raise the level, both in the bakery industry and in monitoring the quality and opinions of satisfied consumers. Accordingly, the Orange agency and operational team who are working on this inspiring client have recognized the basic directions in color, the solution on branding interiors, exteriors, POS materials, etc., as well as the need to introduce a platform #novekomsije that contains everything we wanted our client to be recognized with in the local market.


One of the leading telecommunications companies, Teledirek, has given us the “wind in the back”, to improve many of their services, together to make a breakthrough in the IT world. This is how the new concept of communication was created, the brand platform “It cant be more direct“, the new website and the visual identity. Together we look forward to the challenges that lie ahead.



In the athletics hall, we organized a long jump competition for 10 girls and 10 boys, chosen by Ivana Španović and Strahinja Jovancević as part of the third season of the #ttrenirajsaivanom action called „Skip your limits“. We were, as always, in charge of the complete visual identity of the event and the promotional campaign. After warming up, jumping test exercises, all competitors were given the opportunity to see how important jumping techniques are in order to achieve the best possible distance.


On the occasion of marking the 75th anniversary of the work of the United Nations, we created an integrated campaign „Our Tomorrow“. The topics we covered were Solidarity, Environment and Health and Well-being. On that occasion, we also organized a competition for muralists on the occasion of painting the wall on the UN house.

Galenika Pantenol

Pantenol – Galenika

In cooperation with the Chapter4 agency, we had the opportunity to participate in the creation and implementation of the latest campaign for Galenika’s brand Panthenol. Our task was to photograph Maria Kilibarda, who is the brand ambasador of the brand, as well as the graphic design of the main visual.


As a part of the new UNICEF campaign Playful Parenting, Orange Studio is engaged in completing visual identity, illustrated visuals and animation. The theme is the importance of play between parent and child at an early age. The message is to let the child to guide you through the book, and by reading to the child every day, you sail together through the world of imagination.

BIG Fashion Park

BIG Fashion Park

BIG Fashion Park was opened in the same year as BIG Pancevo. Orange studio was hired to create a visual identity. Great attendance and satisfaction among visitors was increased by the opening of the long-awaited first Decathlon in Serbia. Outlets and brands to the taste of each consumer, a place for entertainment, are there to attract old and new customers every day with their products in the designed interior and exterior of BIG Shopping Park.

BIG Novi Sad

BIG Novi Sad

In the era of development of shopping centers in all cities of the world, thus in Serbia, we got the opportunity to establish cooperation with the shopping center BIG Novi Sad. Through ATL communication and strong digital campaigns, it was a challenge for us to contribute creative solutions to the strength and recognition of this brand with the ultimate message to a satisfied user.


MOL Serbia

MOL Serbia is recognized in the market for high quality products. Our task was to respond to everyday challenges in ATL, BTL and digital communication.One of the innovative projects, which we first started and successfully realized, is the Foood truck. An additional challenge is the CSR campaign. The game is for children, children’s life is not a game! Which further developed consciousness in society.