We received enormous respect for the opportunity to create a total look campaign for our iconic hip hop band Beogradski sindikat on the occasion of their 25th anniversary. Sindikat often points to various problems in our society. They are profiled as a very engaged group, with sharp political views and a strong patriotic note in their songs. This made the challenge bigger for us and we are very proud to have made our creative contribution to this important project.


The Red Bull Half Court World Grand Final took place at Kalemegdan in Belgrade, Serbia – a country with a rich basketball culture, a country that has produced many legendary aces. National winners from five continents and from 25 countries gathered in September 2023 at the World Finals, where they competed for the world king of „street“ games 3×3! We had a great creative challenge to be part of the team responsible for the total visual identity and complete branding of this spectacular event.


We have developed a complex web site for a top dermatological cosmetic house that includes several special lines of skin care for the face and body. The basic value and historical factor underlying Rilastil’s guidelines is quality, which is guaranteed by the effort in creating and formulating scientific laboratories and continuous research. Carefully selected active ingredients ensure the best quality, the greatest cosmetic comfort and high performance. Innovative active ingredients, specific formulas, the use of packaging materials designed to preserve the integrity of the formulas in the best way, clinical tests and high-quality processing – guarantee the effectiveness of Rilastil…


Why me? – a question that each of us asks so many times in our lives. But the only women who beat breast cancer proved and showed by their example that – Life is a miracle worth fighting for! Their authentic personal confessions aim to empower all women that breast cancer is beatable if diagnosed in time. For the Milica Women’s Center and Novartis, we had the opportunity to create a new integrated campaign „I’m stronger than (dark) cancer“, which consisted of television spots, billboards, a campaign on social networks, testimonials. A campaign that touched us all emotionally and was…


We have entered the golden age 🙂 Insignitus is a company that belongs to the ranks of the most serious business partners and dealers in investment gold and precious metals, and as such sets high standards in this business segment and becomes a synonym for expertise, professionalism, reliability and trust. The offer includes the famous Osmium, the rarest precious metal and the rarest non-radioactive element of all elements. It is available as jewelry or as an investment metal. The communication we created is based on the concept of the Art of investing.


The beginning of the year brought us great pleasure to work with a team of excellent software engineers, young people who created the first Serbian digital token and launched a digital investment platform on the market approved by the Ministry of Finance and approved by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The promotional campaign called „Tokenization“ successfully supported their business activities, presenting them to the public through adequate media, and a good choice of communication channels and tools allowed them further success in business.


Is there anything more exciting and creative than taking over the complete art direction of the calendar of 2023. for the ballet ensemble of the National Theatre. Another wonderful work of our Nebojša Babić. A huge honor, pleasure, but also a responsibility. Let’s meet the New Year with ease of movement, the beauty of rapture and the touch of the boards that mean life. A huge thank to the National Theater and the complete ballet ensemble, who were ready to step out of their comfort zone and conjure up a completely new world for us.


The end of the year is a big finish for all of us, which we often end by creating calendars for the following year. This time everything came together in one: dear friends as clients, a fun atmosphere at the photo shoot as a kind of teambuilding for the most important hotels in the city and finally, a refined minimalist design. Our Vekol DMC is more than a client, they are not just business partners but friends for life. And that’s why in New Year 2023, you can expect many new creative joint projects from us together. Let’s toast to…


The Belgrade Fashion Week is the first project of its kind in Eastern and Southeastern Europe, and has been organized twice a year for twenty-five years. Given that it gathers the most important Serbian designers and fashion companies, renowned foreign brands on the domestic market, talented young designers, fashion design students, interesting international fashion creators, as well as numerous domestic and foreign media, it is considered one of the leading fashion events in the region. The jubilee 50th Loreal Fashion Week lasted a whole month this year, and we had the pleasure of taking care of the visual identity of…


What a roller coaster exchange of energy, ideas and lucidity this was. Our Nebojša Babić is the director and director of photography for Rambo’s new video „Pod rotacijom“. When two geniuses come together, entertainment is guaranteed. And we as Oranges crew were LOL. 🙂