Our creative team had the opportunity to create a new Loto campaign called „Play Loto. You never know!“ The idea was to show how everyone chooses their lucky seven numbers in their own way, so that various characters of the actors are represented. Everyone plays their winning combination with the belief that it is the right one. Directed by Miša Terzić.


As always, UNICEF was there with every child, trying to facilitate the situations in which we have been found in. During the pandemic of the Covid 19 virus, which stopped the whole world for a moment and kept every family at home, we created a campaign for UNICEF on social networks under the slogan: “For every child”, which beautiful stories, games, illustrations and interesting suggestions showed how we can spend  time with our loved ones and at the same time remind us how much we missed that. The goal of the campaign is to keep the children’s smile, as the…


The task was to present to the general public the rich heritage of the Association of Dramatic Artists of Serbia, which this marks the 100th anniversary and history of Serbian theater life, in general, and all – in just one campaign. With the help of the Alma Quattro Company, which is always open to non-profit projects of general interest, we have created and implemented an OUTDOOR EXHIBITION, featuring important events in the history of our theater, great artists and great achievements, in advertising venues throughout the city. We hope that this solution is worthy of the anniversary that UDUS is…


It`s a great privilege and honor for our professional and creative team to work with an institution of national importance, which belongs to everyone. On whose side is tradition, persistence, heritage and elitism. With promotional instruments and creativity we wanted and we are continuing in direction of refreshing, modernity, but maintaining the brand recognition. Beside concert promotions, brand empowerment, promotion of musical virtuosos and esembles, we jointly supported various guest appearances, music festivals, donor events and auditions. And in the fothcoming period we`ll continue to carefully cherish good vibes as a pledge for a better future.


As part of the former movie theatre Kolosej in Shopping Center Ušće, the BI-BAM shop was opened displaying the products that had to do with the film art. Our task was to conceive a complete concept of the store, its products, visual identity… With this project, we decided to turn the things a bit upside-down. Bambi became BI-BAM, and we realised one more unusual and rare work.


When a client orders a campaign from us, we deliver more than it was requested from us, i.e.: The brand Još! of our client Bambi needed a revitalisation. Of course that we did everything to modernise and refresh the communication in all the channels. But that is not all! On our suggestion, the client accepted to change the look of snacks themselves. That is how the zig-zagged snacks were created, which at the moment of launching represented a true innovation in this product category.


Everything about this project was related to the letter E: exotic, exclusivity, Ebisu! The Japanese restaurant located on the top of Belgrade’s hotel Square Nine needed a visual identity that adequately depicted its character. And that was the moment when we took over. We created the logotype, design of menu and all the other material for this restaurant which is one of the most exclusive restaurants in our city.


Orange Studio worked hard to build the credibility of an agency known for its web development, not only for the commercial clients, but as well for the socially responsible projects, public and health care institutions. Website development and design for our client Red Cross Belgrade, is one of the things that we had done, which had contributed in building the image that we enjoy today.


Launching the Well Be chocolates for our client Bambi is one of the examples that we proudly emphasise when we talk about a successful product launch to the market. With a slogan ”Better for me” the campaign that involved packaging design, brand identity, promotions, BTL and ATL advertising, eventually turned out to be better for everyone! For packaging design we received the Packtivity award, for the best product packaging design in Serbia (2014/2015)!


Health care is, of course, a serious question. Especially when we talk about children. But, that does not imply that one cannot attract the people’s attention and convince them to react. Our campaign for donations to the University Children’s Hospital in Tiršova Street is the real proof for that. Each and every element of this project that we realised (visual identity, ATL, digital, video testimonials) was the subject of lot of talks in the context of an effective advertising.