The most beautiful thing is when advertising works for a common good! NORBS (National Organisation for Rear Diseases of Serbia) has established a foundation where money is being raised to help the people who are suffering from rear diseases. Being aware that we are operating on a sensitive ground, we created a campaign that is not pathetic, but based on something that these people are constantly dealing with – the problems and troubles they have in everyday life are simply – not visible enough. On TV, billboards, city lights and social media a very important message appeared that should make…



When the situation is complicated, sometimes is just best to – sing. This is why we created a nursery rhyme for our client Nectar Kids 100% about characters from the Nektarija wood and so successfully realised a complicated transition for the client after the Angry Birds franchise contract expiration. We redesigned the packaging of juices for kids, created characters for everyone’s taste and conceived around them a complete universe that lives on TV commercials, YouTube channel, radio… Our campaign for Nectar Kids 100% turned into a 100% success. In a short time the kids started to love the new characters…

magicni cica


As part of a wider campaign “Don’t believe in horoscopes. Believe in artists.” Orange Studio takes out the works of best local artist from the gallery spaces and makes them available to the wide audience. That is how the works of Magic Old Man from Rio (Dragan Radović), containing his wise thoughts and proverbs that make us think about life, appeared on billboards throughout the city. In a space that usually does not belong to them, these messages gained a completely new life, and we got a campaign that everyone were talking about!



Working on the brand of juices Life 100% implies a constant struggle in order to explain to the customers, in an era with so many brands of juices existing on the market, and all of them claiming to be healthy and of high-quality, that the Life 100% is really the highest quality and the best juice. From the packaging redesign, through the TV campaigns that we developed, communication on social media, to the promotions and BTL activities, we had all the time on our mind that we need to transfer the message that we created, which best describes the Life…


Alma Quattro

How to advertise someone who has been constantly around in our city, wherever we turn, mostly without being aware of its presence, because the purpose of its existence is to advertise the others? The company Alma Quatro, a leader in outdoor advertising, has summoned us to conceptualise the way of marking its 25th anniversary. The result of our cooperation is a campaign that filled us all with positive energy – a campaign of advertising the non-existing products that make our life nicer and more fulfilling. With a slogan WE HAVE BEEN SEEING ONE ANOTHER EVERYDAY, Alma Quatro really sent the…

alpina zec

Alpina Drink

Alpina drink is a non-alcoholic refreshing sparkling beverage made of alpine plants, familiar to the older generations. The task was to create a complete campaign for this brand, not by reminiscing the good old days, but making this drink closer to the new generations. And that is how the famous blue rabbit was born, at first sight an illogical trademark of a beverage which represents the synonym of freshness. By creating the absurd Instagram videos with a rabbit wondering through the city and getting into all kind of funny situations, we have caused our social media traffic to go viral.…

V Vodka


As part of our successful cooperation with the Si&Si Company we received a task to conceive a communication for another brand of theirs – V vodka. We realised that this is an important task, so the slogan for the drink was made accordingly: It is important! We advertised the product by conceiving firstly the creative strategy and packaging, and then we went to action – the communication was conducted through the ATL (TVC, OOH, print) and BTL (POSM, event) channels.

OR likeri


In this case, our task was to position the OR liqueurs as an indispensable ingredient of every good cocktail in Serbia. We created a visual identity of the entire OR portfolio, as well as the communication on TV and printed material. The job was successfully executed. The OR liqueurs found their place on the market, and we turned out to be ORiginal again. Next time you enjoy a good cocktail, enjoy it for us as well!



In the era when Sinalco was a sponsor of our national basketball team (European Championship in Istanbul and the World Cup in Indianapolis), we received an invitation to join the team! Apart from branding and campaign execution, we came up with the idea of distributing the yellow Sinalco basketballs throughout Serbia. There was hardly any basketball playground in the entire country without these recognisable balls. Just to mention, we became world champions in Indianapolis!



Project that was initiated by UNICEF ”School without violence” is one of the most important that we realised, and which had lasted for several years. We had conceived the communication throughout all channels that were available to us: ATL (TVC, print, OOH), BTL (POSM), digital (FB & web banners), because we were convinced that is never too much to speak about violence in schools and that it is the subject our society as a whole should return to everyday.