E-commerce association of Serbia

The goal of the first HotSpotAwards in which we actively participated was to map the market and raise the standards of the e-commerce industry in Serbia, in order to assimilate into global e-commerce flows. The E-commerce Association of Serbia organized the award ceremony for the most successful companies in the field of electronic commerce in the region. Within the three categories, 21 awards were given to the most successful companies in various fields, and the Champion award went to Wolt company. Our expert Web team continues this year traditionally with the promotion of online shopping in Serbia, which is significantly…

Red Cross of Serbia

In cooperation with the Olympic Committee of Serbia and the Ministry of Health, for the Serbian Red Cross, we created a campaign called „Life in your hands“. The campaign aims to educate citizens on how to react in moments of sudden cardiac arrest, because when the heart stops, the first minutes are precious and save lives. By carrying out resuscitation measures, we are „buying precious time“ until the arrival of the medical service, because just waiting for an ambulance and a doctor without adequate help can lead to a fatal outcome. The promoters of the campaign are our prominent athletes…


The start of the winter season for us was very inspiring and challenging because we found ourselves in the company of the best. According to the art direction of our dear friends and partners Coba & Associates, we worked on the development of a new website for MK Resort and their luxury hotel „Grand Kopaonik“, which was completely renovated and redesigned on the occasion of 40 years of existence. Tradition has been innovated, a new brand GRAND has been designed. Our digital team was in charge of complex website programming, SEO optimization for search engine positioning, refreshing the booking system,…

Vinarija Kozlović

To make a toast to the beginning of the New Year 2022 with the desire to clear our minds and enjoy all our senses. Our new partner for this year, Kozlović Winery, will greatly contribute to that. Kozlović is a winery, wine, product, brand, experience, family name, and all that represents quality, a set of values and professionalism, a combination of tradition and innovation, experience and emotion. Orange will bring you the magical spirit of Istria because we are in charge of the strategic positioning of this famous Croatian brand in our market, its appearance on social networks and Google…


A real sweet refreshment comes to us from our Lulu Bakeries. Fruity, chocolate, crunchy, creamy and lavish sweets bring a smile to your face. Words are superfluous to describe the magic that every Lulu product hides in itself. We enjoyed all the senses in creating a new campaign, and the members of our creative team literally enjoyed it. We ate everything 🙂


For the end of the year from us: a combination of beautiful and useful. For our good friend and excellent artist Zoran Velimanović, we designed and completely edited his first retrospective book called „Objects“, which is accompanied by a billboard campaign announcing the promotion. The work on this project was marked by a great atmosphere with great enthusiasm and creative energy.

Don Don

For our long-time client Don Don and their brand Your 5 Minutes, we have created an integrated campaign (ATL, BTL, Digital) for the new product Burgers and Hot Dog. With high quality soft buns it is easy to make your favorite burger. Now you have a great reason to spend time with friends or your family. Enjoy the company and good tastes.


As a result of 20 years of work in the field of anti-aging, Dr. Jasmina Lalošević, the specialist medical practice Regenerative Medicine Dr. Lalošević, aesthetic center Aestheticmed Lalošević and Aestheticmed d.o.o. registered representative of the renowned French laboratory REVITACARE for mesotherapy cocktails and regenerative hyaluronic fillers REVITAFILL Xtra. This year’s campaign, which we created, aimed to mark the anniversary of the successful operation of the aesthetic center.


AcademIAA is an educational program led by true leaders from the world of marketing and business. It is intended for students, young „marketers“, but also entrepreneurs with up to five years of experience in the profession. There are six different modules: business, creative, media, digital, innovation, research and analytics. Our creative team was given the opportunity to create a visual identity as well as a complete campaign.

Red Star FC

„Zvezda is life, everything else is trifles“ is the campaign by which the creative team of Orange Studio started promoting and announcing the matches of the Red Star Football Club in an unusual way. The first guerrilla campaign consisted of stickers and stencils that covered and drew almost the entire city, but of course the focus was on the center of the city. Volume 2 included the creation of a simulation of traffic signs that were placed at the busiest intersections and instructed the public to „Zvezda igra“ and „Let’s all go to Maracanã“. The entire campaign was recorded by…