pmi best

Philip Morris International

When the big international cigarette producer Phillip Morris International came to our market, they insisted that the existing local brands should be taken over by the local agencies. Among the numerous projects that we realised for the brands Best and Classic, solutions from the POSM advertising category for Best stand out. Even though we know that smoking causes harm, we would not be the agency that we are if we did not test ourselves in the tobacco industry.



The O3ONE project is an artistic and social platform for creating a synergy of art, science, education and technology. It is about the project that we conceived and still have been realising it for more than a decade. Thanks to O3ONE, we can already say now that generations of artists got the space to promote themselves and that the cultural offer of Belgrade is incomparably better than it would have been if this project had not existed.

Gorki List


Since we were already experienced in repositioning the brand Pelinkovac and successfully placed the product to a digestifs territory, it was time to move further – to rebranding. Yes, we are responsible for creating the new name, visual identity and advertising in all channels for the product that became a synonym for quality in our region. We admit, after a hard day we also enjoy sometimes a cup of Gorki list.

KK Crvena Zvezda


We all know how many emotions are at stake when we talk about sport and cheering, because we had been working for years for the basketball club Red Star, on a material that involves design of shirts, calendars, season tickets and many other products. In every moment we wanted to send a message of fair play and to appeal to fans to be – THE FANS! That is how, among other things, a campaign was created, under the title: My place is on the court. And yours?

hot&fresh bombone


There are no words to describe how proud we are on the first brand that Orange Studio conceived, created and launched to the market in our own capacity. First, we created the product, then a sustainable development plan and eventually a creative strategy. We named it Hot & Fresh, because this challenge was really HOT for us, and the product something completely FRESH on the market. Who says that the advertisers cannot make candies?



It is hard even to remember all the things that we had worked over the years for the leading energy drink on our market, so let’s point out some of them: complete product design, introduction of the famous little owl as a product trademark, image of the countless special edition packagings, complete ATL and BTL communication… We are sure that everybody remember the black and white TV commercials recorded from the main character’s perspective, very much dynamically edited so that they look like full of energy.



Working for each client bring certain challenges and satisfaction. But, when you work for yourself, then it brings a special feeling. Orange Studio conceived, created, designed and marketed its own magazine in the area of interior design. In that project, we joined forces with the professionals from this area and made something that was missing – a magazine to be enjoyed by the professionals from the interior design area, and all the others who are interested in the subject.

Beogradska filharmonija


How to communicate classical music to a target group that is larger than the usual one? Ask us. During the 2006/2007 season we received a task to create the season’s entire visual identity, as well as to address the younger target group than the one that used to visit the classical music concerts. The result – Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra for the first time in history sold out the entire season. The finest artistic music arrived to the largest number of people ever. Not bad, isn’t it?

vrh brate


Working for mobile network operators in a situation when they are placing the technological innovation to the market is very delicate. You need to be careful in order to transfer the message correctly and to explain the product. But, the results does not need to be boring. Proof for that is the campaign that we realised for Telekom Srbija as part of the introduction of video call service also for the pre-paid users. The ”Now you see me, and now you do not” campaign is an example of how, if you only find the right angle, your message stays in…

Fruvita Premium


This is one of those examples that we talk about when it is necessary to explain what does an integrated campaign mean. In a strategically important moment for the Fruvita Company, we were invited to conceive the entire communication for the Fruvita Premium brand. Realisation of the project involved, basically, everything that occurs to one’s mind: packaging design, communication strategy and the realisation of activities in BTL, ATL channels, realisation of POSM materials and digital activations.