mts sport bel novak djokovic


MT:S is the largest mobile network operator in our country. Enough to inspire and present a challenge for every advertising agency. And when they order from you a campaign endorsed by the star Novak Đoković – things become even nicer. For this company we realised a campaign for the Sport Bel post-paid packages, where we saw Đoković in various situations. The world’s best athlete became the brand ambassador of one of the best companies in our country. And we were part of that!

ocistimo srbiju

The Ministry of Ecology and Spatial Planning of the Republic of Serbia

One of the campaigns that made us recognisable on the domestic communication market is a campaign that we realised for the Ministry of Ecology and Spatial Planning of the Republic of Serbia, entitled ”Let’s clean Serbia”. With the effective ATL and BTL communication, and participation of numerous public personalities, we invited the public to participate in a large action of collecting waste throughout the country. The result was a great quantity of collected waste in only one day!

srpski filantropski forum


We appreciate the most those who work to the benefit of common good. We participated with great pleasure in developing the Serbian Philanthropic Forum, a platform for companies, organisations and individuals in Serbia who are dealing with investing in better society.  We created for this organisation a visual identity and their web site. That is how we became part of Serbia that invests today in order for our society to become better, more just and happier in the future.



United Nation’s Development Programme (UNDP) conducts different projects in around 170 countries, including Serbia. We are very proud of the fact that they called us to realise for them two four-year projects that raise awareness about the need to live healthy and to protect the environment. We enjoyed in realisation of the projects ”Pedibus – pupils like to walk to school” and ”Cycling through Belgrade” conscious of the fact that we are doing something useful for our environment.

square nine


Square Nine, shortly after its foundation, became one of the most desirable and most wanted hotels in Belgrade. It has become more than a hotel, because it does not attract only the tourists and guests of Belgrade. Square Nine is a place of gathering, an important point in Belgrade’s social life. It is our pleasure that we gave a small contribution to the creation of this nice story, by creating their web site, conceptualising visuals and promoting their offer.



In places with the finest art, there is a great deal of chance that you will meet Orange Studio. The Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade has been carefully building its communication towards the public. One of the communication channels is also their web site. They called us for help and we created for them a completely new web site, from idea to realisation. If you are interested, please visit their web site and check how it looks in execution. Each time you wish to check the new events happening in one of the most significant museums in our country,…

Bambi Charger


Among the most exciting, but also most challenging things in advertising is when you work on a certain brand from the beginning, thus building its image from scratch and follow the progress. One of these projects was for the energy chocolate bars Charger. We ”Charged” it with energy and creativity and we created a campaign full of sarcastic humour, which helped this brand to take its well-deserved place on the market.

pelinkovac gorki suboticanka


When we started our work on Pelinkovac, this brand was in the stage of its full maturity. It was necessary to pause and think about all the aspects, including the brand category as well. Who drinks Pelinkovac? What kind of product is that? Never before had been spoken about this drink as a digestif, to our astonishment. And that was the first task– to successfully reposition the product. The results of this decision became obvious only in the years that followed…